Never paint again with our spray on PVC Liquid Vinyl Coating!
Technologically advanced exterior spray-on vinyl coating system that breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle.

The phrase “A man’s home is his castle” is a fundamental one and a primary reason that Liquid Vinyl Siding has revolutionized the home improvement industry. The tremendous results of the application of Liquid Vinyl Siding to homes and commercial buildings truly make Liquid Vinyl Siding a twenty-first century miracle.

Liquid Vinyl Siding was developed over 30 years ago in England for use on masonry finishes to solve their serious leeching problem. In 1987, the rights were acquired for manufacturing for the United States. At this time, extensive research was conducted in areas with extreme annual temperature and climate ranges. The product was tested in Canada, where it often exceeded expectations. It was then tested in Hawaii where wood frame structures deteriorate rapidly in the tropical climate, salt air, and rain. California, Nevada, and Washington State were next. This gave the product a full range of application results from extreme cold to the warm, moist, salt environment, and the arid heat. Applications in these extreme climates over the last twenty years has proven, with hundreds of testimonials on file, that Liquid Vinyl Siding is the overall best, most economical, and longest lasting exterior coating on the market today.image7

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